Change is the law of life, and those who only look at the past or present are sure to miss the future.
- John F. Kennedy
About UsWhitehorse Consulting was founded in 2009 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Donna Needs. Whitehorse Consulting offers learning and development consulting, contract training and personal development coaching to organizations and individuals.
    List of Services
  • Setting up a Training function in your organization
  • Conducting a TNA
  • Development of a Training Plan
  • Development and Implementation of curriculums
  • Implementing an e-learning program
  • Implementing an LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Design and Implementation of a Mentoring Program
  • Implementation of a coaching program
  • Evaluation of learning initiatives

6 Keys to getting the most from Training & Development

Learning in the organization needs to be managed, measured and continuously improved like any other business process. We have discovered six disciplines that transcend industry, corporate structure, and program focus

Three Truths About Coaching

Coaching can be a powerful way to shift behaviour, increase engagement, enhance thinking and generally make a difference to the way people do business and the way businesses can succeed.

Building Trust

Put on your trust glasses and try some of these trust building (cost saving) tips